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Police have yet to determine the veracity of the letter. If it turns out to be true, I can deduce two things from it:

1. The "undercover cops". He refers to them at least 4 times. It is reasonable to infer that any time the letter mentions "cop", he means "undercover cop". From that, the harassment and such, I kinda feel like it was just some jackasses harassing him. Jiverly doesn't speak good English which probably makes it very difficult for him to be understood and for him to understand. I can totally see some of the bastards from around this area giving him a hard time because of it.

"From August 2007 until now cop gave me not to much ass only one time cop leave a massage in my voice mail and said (( come back your country )) after five minute I send a text massage to them I said I will call the police and they send it back to me they said they are the police."

And, I can totally imagine some fucking moron pretending to be a cop to give him a hard time. He doesn't know any better. He's probably scared out of his wits because after the above happened, he doesn't trust the police. And it's sad.

2. He snapped after awhile. No one he can trust, not even the Law. And he had to take "at least two people with me go to return to the dust of earth.
". He felt that someone else had to share in his pain - innocent men and women. All because of sheer idiocy.

This is all working on the assumption that the letter is true, of course.

It's just a horrible tragedy...


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